January 2, 2006

Monday Morning Tidbits

Everyone wants Sosa. I can't bear to leave that New Year's post at the top of my page any longer, so here are a few tidbits in bullet formation:

3 comments to “Monday Morning Tidbits”

  1. sweaver says:

    Thanks for the links, RHM!

  2. lackeyp says:

    So I guess we can say that at least Jeromy Burnitz isn’t Sammy Sosa, right? Man, I hate the Pirates sometimes.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    I hate the Pirates sometimes, too. Mostly when they beat the Reds, so not often. 😀

    I dunno, lackeyp. On the one hand, at least your team is doing *something*. On the other hand, look what they’re doing. Yipes.