January 16, 2006

Reds Sign Kearns

Marc says that the Reds have signed yet another player to a 1-year deal; this time it was Austin Kearns:

Continuing their transaction frenzy, the Reds have signed Austin Kearns to a one-year, $1.85 million deal.

Once again, that sounds like a pretty good number for the team. The Reds paid Kearns and Wily Mo Pena a combined $1.37 million last season and will pay the two outfielders a combined $3.1 million this year with more playing time all but guaranteed and much more production expected. If they follow through, the Reds will have some pretty good bang for their buck there.

I'm pleased. Kearns is among my favorites.

P.S. - I had said yesterday that I expected people to complain about the Valentín signing because it didn't deal with the pitching. I didn't call it: in fact, people are bitching about the Valentín signing because it wasn't a deal for Dunn. I suspect that people won't bitch about the Kearns deal, though, even though the same reason applies.

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