October 3, 2006

The Arizona Take on the Thom Brennaman Thing

A couple of stories from the Arizona perspective on the prospect of Thom Brennaman joining up with the Reds. This bit from azcentral.com:

Thom Brennaman, the voice of the Diamondbacks for all nine of their seasons, appears close to accepting a position with the Cincinnati Reds, where he would join his father, Marty, in the broadcast booth.

Should he depart, Brennaman is expected to do both television and radio work for the Reds.

Oh, no. He's not going to crowd out Jim Day, is he?

A story on EastValleyTribune.com featured this modifier-laden quote from Thom. Critics of Steve Stewart who didn't think he used enough adverbs and adjectives will be pleased to see this:

“There obviously is the unbelievable lure of working with your dad,” Brennaman said. “I'm enormously grateful that the Diamondbacks have allowed me to explore the chance.”

Both stories mentioned that other teams have pursued Thom in the past, but the Reds were the first given permission by the Diamondbacks to talk to Brennaman the Younger. The fact that other teams were interested gives me some hope that the Reds aren't putting together a kitschy father-son team for the sole purpose of avoiding a legitimate announcer search.

I mean, it's still going to be a kitschy father-son team, and it will allow them to avoid doing a legitimate search, but I'm hopeful that that's not the only reason they're doing it.

1 comment to “The Arizona Take on the Thom Brennaman Thing”

  1. JinAZ says:

    I said this back when the initial rumors were going around, but after several years of watching him here in Arizona doing his thing for the D-backs, I think that Thom Brennaman is an extremely high-quality play-by-play guy and would make a terrific addition to the broadcast team. Some have complained about his more “polished” national Fox style, but I think most of those qualities that folks seem to dislike tend to not be present in local broadcasts. -j