Daily Archives: October 27, 2006

October 27, 2006

It’s Like When Richard Hatch Won Survivor

Except that Richard Hatch was actually good at the game.

My faith in humanity, justice, and the in the idea that good will triumph, is shaken to its foundation. If the 2006 Cardinals can win the World Series, what's to prevent kittens from spontaneously bursting into flame? How can we feel good about bringing children into a world where this can happen?

Oh, sorry. MELODRAMATIC LOCK was stuck on. It's not really that bad.

I mean, hey, that Sean Casey sure looked good. It's nice that Jeff Weaver provided Wayne Krivsky a valuable learning opportunity about deals he should have made to balance out his pronounced lesson in The Trades not-to-have-done. And, hey, you know Eckstein's not going to be able to reach the pedals in that Corvette, so that ought to provide laughs for everyone involved.