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October 10, 2006

Get Well Soon, Casey

I walked in on the game just as they were talking about Sean Casey coming out of it. He grounded out to end the top of the sixth and then was replaced in the line-up for the bottom of the inning. It didn't sound like they knew exactly what was wrong with him, and I'm not seeing anything about it online anywhere.

I have to go to bed, but I wanted to send a big Get Well Soon smooch to my darling Casey. Watching Casey win and the Cardinals lose are my favorite parts of the postseason so far.

October 10, 2006

JD on McAlister on Narron and Aurilia

You can tell how infrequently I link to other blogs by the fact that I can't figure out how to title the dang post.

Lame post titles aside, I was struck by JD's comments about the purported clash between Jerry Narron and Rich Aurilia during the free-fall that was the end of the 2006 season. Aurilia apparently swore he wouldn't return to the team if Narron was still in charge. Rheal Cormier also had issues with Narron's management.

I'm sure some people will say this is much ado about nothing, but if it's true I think it really signifies something. The number one hallmark of bad management, in sports or otherwise, is poor communication.

Hear, hear. And communication, along with “playing the game right,” was what Narron was supposed to have over our most recent managers. I understand that everyone was frustrated, nerves were frayed, and tempers short, but that's just when a good communicator is tested, isn't it?

I just wonder how this is only coming out now. The communications problems of Dave Miley were freaking plastered across the papers. The only ruffled feathers we heard about during this season were those of Jason LaRue, and those hardly made Narron look bad.