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October 2, 2006

Episode 25: The Kid’s Got a Fever

No, not Ken Griffey, Jr. Not that I know of anyway. I mean my own 5-year old had come down with a mysterious fever. No other symptoms, unless you count being awake at 10 p.m. playing with trains. In any event, the Crack Technical Staff and I were willing to take just a few minutes between fretting over the thermometer readings and running down to the freezer for ice pops to record a quick show.

This week we discuss:

  • How weird it feels not to have baseball to watch.
  • Who's to blame for the four wins the Reds didn't get to make it to the postseason.
  • The world's oldest baseball player is about to turn 111.
  • David Wells' idea of a joke.

Episode 25: The Kid's Got a Fever (11.8 MB, 17:15)

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October 2, 2006

The Lames are on the Radio

Am I the only one who thinks it is totally lame to bring Thom Brennaman on in place of Steve Stewart?

A source said the Reds had contacted the Arizona Diamondbacks for permission to talk to Brennaman and have talked to him. Marty would not comment Sunday on the possibility of Thom getting the job. Thom could not be reached for comment.

No comment? You know what that means: it might as well be etched in freaking stone.

Someone at least tell me that this guy is a good announcer. Otherwise, I just won't be able to handle the schmaltzy, lovey-dovey, white-breadness of it all. And when Marty retires in a few years, maybe they can land Sean Casey to replace him.

October 2, 2006

Baker and Cubs Part Ways

The Cubs and Dusty Baker parted ways today when the club announced that they would not be renewing Baker's contract for 2007.

“I'd just like to tell everybody that I'd like to thank the organization for giving me the opportunity to come here and win this thing,” Baker said Monday to a packed media throng in the interview room at Wrigley Field. “I wish we could've gotten it done, and we didn't. I guess all things must come to an end, and all things come to pass.”

The Cubs went an unimaginable 322-326 under Baker, considering the 66-96 season this year. That 2003 season must have been a hell of a run to balance that crap out.

So what's next for Baker? Who knows? ESPN may come a callin'. Perhaps a book tour. But one thing I know for sure: Jerry Narron better watch out: Baker's available.