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October 4, 2006

Chambliss on the List to Replace Alou?

According to the story Giants not likely to revisit Baker in the Mercury News today, Reds hitting coach Chris Chambliss could fit the bill to make the list of potential replacements for Felipe Alou in San Fransisco.

Giants General Manager Brian Sabean is looking more toward a fresh start, either with an established manager such as Bob Brenly or Lou Piniella, or with a polished candidate who has managed in the minor leagues and served on a big league coaching staff.

Several men fit the profile and also have connections to Sabean from his eight seasons as a scout with the New York Yankees. Among them are Cleveland Indians bench coach Joel Skinner, A's bench coach Bob Geren and Cincinnati Reds hitting coach Chris Chambliss.

I could see Chambliss being easy-going enough to deal with the likes of Barry Bonds, should that Goliath ego decide to return to the team. And I can imagine general manager Wayne Krivsky approving of Chambliss going, seeing as he seems to bear a lot of the blame for all the offense the Reds have had the last few years. Ken Griffey could take over and maybe keep Jr. hitting a whole season through for a change.

However the question remains: what would become of Adam Dunn without Chambliss? He might crumble. Or maybe not; maybe it would be a good opportunity for the big guy to grow. Branch out. Try new things. Like protecting the strike zone, for example.

October 4, 2006

It’s Official

The Reds hired Thom Brennaman today. Marc says:

The Reds today hired Thom Brennaman to join their radio and TV broadcast teams and signed him to a four-year contract through 2010. Thom will be in the radio booth for “selected” broadcasts alongside his father and also will do television.

Marc goes on to speculate that Thom will call 45-50 games for WLW, which will mean they'll need another color guy for the other 100+ games.