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October 20, 2006

Eckstein’s Statue of Liberty Hat

I know that this is old news now, but I'm desperate to continue pushing that Spiezio photo off the front page, so here's something I intended to link to last week.

Josh Bacott at JoeSportsFan.com tells us how the Mets and Cardinals spent their unexpected night off when game one of the series was rained out in the article The Rain Delay. My favorites:

David Eckstein – Walked around Times Square, wearing his newly purchased styrofoam Statue of Liberty hat and hit every single spot on his “Explore New York” tour map.

Jim Edmonds – Four words. Shop till you drop.

Albert Pujols – Put his full uniform on, spikes and eye black included, and stared at a picture of Tom Glavine for six consecutive hours without blinking.

Tom Glavine – Crossword puzzles. All night long.

Plus, the very best one:

Jose Valentin – Did what he does on every Wednesday night – groomed his mustache.

Gotta love those Valentín mustaches.