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October 24, 2006

Episode 28: Snax vs. Casey and Other Stuff

This week on the podcast, the Crack Technical Staff and I start to get a taste of how difficult it's going to be to find material in the off-season. But we're the kind of positive thinkers who see this challenge as an opportunity. An opportunity to complain about there not being any Reds news to talk about.

But for now, there is some Reds news to talk about. Or at least some news to talk about.

  • The most recent Reds blogger roundtable took place last night. Be on the lookout for that as soon as Shawn gets it cut up into pieces.
  • Who-the-Hell-is-Brad-Salmon moved to the 40-man
  • Snax versus Casey as former Reds battle it out in the World Series
  • Dunn to the Red Sox to pair with Pena to make the most feared outfield defense in the league. But the question is: feared by whom?
  • Ranting about not needing a closer
  • Continuing to bask in the glow of The Rich Aurilia Interview
  • Lou Piniella hired by the Cubs to proudly lead them to 5th place!
  • Kenny Rogers, gambling with a hand full of crap
  • Steve Lyons and racially insensitive remarks
  • The 25th Birthday of the Wave
  • Youth Coach Sentenced to Prison

Episode 28: Snax vs. Casey and Other Stuff (13.8 MB, 20:09)

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