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October 21, 2006

Rich Aurilia: the Most Talked about Red

It seems like no one can stop talking about Aurilia. Joel Sherman says in today's New York Post:

The Mets can be pretty certain their pen and lineup will be strong next year. They need to find a second baseman, preferably righty hitting, and an intriguing possibility is Rich Aurilia, a New Yorker who was signed to his first pro contract by a Rangers scout named Omar Minaya. Minaya loves free agent Julio Lugo. But so does new Cubs manager Lou Piniella (who had him in Tampa Bay) and the Red Sox, so the price is going to get steep.

What the heck? Aurilia had the opportunity to go free agent last year and couldn't get a nibble; this year the press can't stop talking about him.

Dude's gonna cash in.