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October 28, 2006

Reds Round Table: 2006 Postseason

A group of Reds bloggers got together this week to chat about the 2006 season and look ahead to the brilliant lights of 2007. You know things are getting better: today I saw a Cincinnati Reds calendar for sale at the Muncie Mall. Sure, it was tucked in a corner of the kiosk that you couldn't see if you were just passing by, and sure, it featured Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez prominently, but there was nothing at all last year.

It's a different group of bloggers than we've ever had before, so it's new perspectives and everything. I enjoyed it and I think you will too. Here's the parts. Read all five!

Part 1 at Church of Baseball
Part 2 right here
Part 3 at The Cutting Edge of Baseball
Part 4 at The Olde 320 Pub (do NOT put the superfluous E on the wrong word)
Part 5 at The Cincinnati Reds blog

Shawn: Question 2. What was the best off-season thing that happened in 2006?
Blade: Before 2006? I'd say the Arroyo trade
Shawn: Sorry, off-field thing
RHM: What a great attitude. What a great approach. What a great smile.
Shawn: Getting Arroyo, Ross, and Phillips
Blade: Yeah, any trade that went down before the Kearns/Lopez trade
Blade: Sorry to beat a dead horse, but that still makes me want to vomit
RHM: The Freakbass video?
Clint: yeah Arroyo was a great acquisition. At first I didn't like the trade since I loved Wily Mo, but it was a great move
Shawn: I am still afraid of what Wily Mo will do in his career. This year with Arroyo was worth it, though.
daedalus: funk is not bad music - it's just the horrible execution of the music
Blade: I could see him belting 50 doubles at Fenway
Clint: yeah Wily Mo still needs to work on the defense and being able to hit breaking stuff. but he is still young
RHM: The execution is fine. I think you take issue with the outfit. ;P
daedalus: maybe…
RHM: Ooh! The cheerleaders??
Shawn: How about the new ownership?
Clint: two things that Bob C has done that I like is bringing back Redsfest and adding more games on TV.
daedalus: um, they've always had redsfest
Blade: I'm still withholding judgement. They've done some good things but I'm still not complete impressed
Clint: no Redsfest has not been going on the last couple of years
Shawn: Unfortunately, the TV games don't help me…..unless I can convince the cable system to carry Fox Sports Ohio
RHM: Maybe not, but they help George Grande, which makes them good for everyone
Shawn: Ha!
daedalus: cable is archaic. get a satellite. or get mlb.tv and hook it up to the television
daedalus: !!
Clint: yeah if i wasn't in cincy I would have to get a dish
Blade: I'm watching cable right now.
Shawn: Pricey
Blade: I have like 60 stations. It's gold
RHM: what better do you have to do with your money?
daedalus: use tvu - it's cable online
Shawn: Feed my kids
daedalus: free, too
Clint: my cable bill is ridiculous since I have the hd package and some of the sports channels like espnu, nfl net and cstv
RHM: Nourish their SOULS with the greatest game on earth, friend
Clint: how does everyone feel about the change in the radio broadcast booth?
RHM: I'm nonplussed to the degree of minused
RHM: But the fact that they're going to be getting another person, maybe someone who will impress me, gives me hope
daedalus: i'm happy about it. i mean, i don't like the way steve was just dismissed, but getting thom is great. did you hear him keep hinting about how you never lose your love of your home team during the ALCS?
RHM: Was that before or after making fun of the disabled?
Clint: I liked when thom was making fun of some nearly blind guy
Shawn: That was mostly Lyons
Clint: true
Shawn: Although Thom fell into it
Shawn: I just hope Thom can help Dad stay on-task
daedalus: during. give him a break. the glasses did look stupid, and there are just wierdos out there. you can't expect everyone to know about that kind of thing.
daedalus: weirdos
Clint: I just wish we could get rid of Georgie. Sure he seems like a nice guy, but he is a bad play by play guy.
daedalus: yeah
RHM: But then what would become of the Georgitron 2000??
Shawn: The world may never know
Clint: how about a compromise, the Georgitron 2000 can come out during games vs. the Cardinals
Shawn: Question 3
Shawn: What was the worst off-field thing to happen?
Clint: “The Trade”
daedalus: have you ever seen this show justice? it sux. the acting is pathetic. i don't watch much television, but i got hooked on prison break last year after watching all of the ads during the playoffs and WS, andsince there was no baseball on tonight, i turned it on.
Blade: Yes, the trade
daedalus: the trade, seconded
Blade: What a friggin joke
Shawn: Oh, yeah
Blade: I feel bad because hate Gary Majewski and I'm sure he's a nice guy
Shawn: Majewski looks like an idiot
Blade: Guilty by association
Clint: yeah, I am willing to give Majewski a second chance when he is 100% healthy
daedalus: majewski was great last year for the nats, so i hope he returns to form
Shawn: He has great stuff, but hasn't really ever shown a clue of how to pitch
RHM: He had the opportunity to pipe up and say, “hey, man, I don't know if this is my place, but I've got an owie.”
Shawn: Guy with his stuff should blow away people like Joel Zumaya
Blade: Even if he was completely healthy, that trade should have never went down
daedalus: have you ever heard him speak? he's not exactly what one would term “bright”
RHM: He's just mostly blameless, not entirely
Clint: Oh I definitely agree, but you know how pitchers are, they don't like to admit when they are hurt
Shawn: I hope Bray becomes a great closer….that's the only way to save the trade
Blade: I'm still stewing about that damn trade
Shawn: Bray, and Brendan Harris goes all Dan Uggla on the league.
Clint: yeah Bray could become good. but I don't think anyone the Red received will be worth Kearns and Lopez