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October 9, 2006

Episode 26: Welcome Ken Broo Referees

By “referees” I mean “people who were referred,” not “guys in striped shirts blowing whistles at Ken Broo.”

This week on the podcast:

  • I ramble on for far longer than you'd think possible about the Hallmark Store.
  • We welcome new listeners who found us via my appearance on Sports Rock. We go on to discuss a comment from Ken Broo's podcast The Broo View about bringing up Homer Bailey.
  • Baseball finally makes its way into our discussion as we chat about the upcoming Cardinals/Mets series and how surprising it is that we actually care more about the Detroit/A's series. After all, Dmitri Young's birthday is on Wednesday.
  • Speaking of, I happen to share my birthday with Dmitri Young. You know what I would love for my birthday? Some calls to the message line. (513) 729-7106.
  • The Reds players who opted for free-agency today. You're just going to have to listen to find out who they are.
  • We make fun of Thom Brennaman, to see how he likes it.
  • Crack Technical Staff shares stories about David Wright's tips for picking up men and how the Padres angered the spirit of the candy factory. Don't piss of the red M&M, man. He's a mean one.

Episode 26: Welcome Ken Broo Referees (16.2 MB, 23:42)

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October 9, 2006

Aurilia in Pinstripes?

Just when I was bracing myself emotionally to see Rich Aurilia head back to the Giants, columnist Joel Sherman starts throwing Richie's name around as part of The Moves to Make in today's New York Post. Putting our beloved Bad Man at first base (or as a utility infielder) is apparently part of Sherman's “bold offseason plan” for the Yankees.

FIND A FIRST BASEMAN: This is a more likely place to risk taking Aurilia or DeRosa. Jason Giambi must be made a near-regular DH. In addition, the Yanks have to resolve to play Melky Cabrera 3-4 times a week next year and rotate Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon and Bobby Abreu between rest and the DH slot. This means Giambi might play only 120 games. So be it. The Yanks have to think about being a better defensive team.

OK, so that's columnists for the Giants and the Yankees writing about the prospect of bringing Aurilia aboard. Who's next? The Reds??

October 9, 2006

Louisville Slugger Field to Host 2008 Sluggers

The Louisville Bats will have the 2008 AAA All-Star Game.

I predict the Louisville Bats will also have the 2008 AAA All-Star Game MVP: Aaron Holbert.

Via Marc