Daily Archives: October 25, 2006

October 25, 2006

Yankees Plane Ornaments on Sale Now

No one would complain if it had been a sleigh crash.
Foul Fly Bawl in the New York Post.

The Yankees Victory Plane ornament is now available for your holiday decorating enjoyment. It depicts Santa clause in a plane that bears the New York Yankees logo. This, less than a month after Yankee's pitcher Cory Lidle was killed in a plane crash.

Presumably they're going after the market of people who buy horrifyingly inappropriate products. This may be just the first in a series. Next month: bobbleheads for Parkinson's Disease awareness.

October 25, 2006

Former Milwaukee Hitting Coach Interviewing in Cincy

GM wants Yount back, a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday, mentioned in passing that Butch Wynegar is in the running for the Reds' hitting coach job.

In search of a hitting coach to replace Wynegar, who apparently is in the running for the vacancy in Cincinnati, Melvin interviewed Jim Skaalen, the Brewers' minor-league hitting coordinator for the last seven seasons.

Of course, he'd be the obvious choice, given how the Brewers performed better than the Reds last year. Or, rather, how the Brewers did more to exceed pre-season expectations than the Reds did. Or, most importantly, because he was drafted by the Twins in 1974, and it is our destiny to have in the Reds organization every person who ever had anything to do with the Twins.

The good news is that, if he's hired, FSN could start filing a pre-game feature with him and the bench coach called Bucky and Butch, which would spawn a cult following and bring in millions in revenues.

I think the Cards leading the series might be making me a little loopy.