October 25, 2006

Yankees Plane Ornaments on Sale Now

No one would complain if it had been a sleigh crash.
Foul Fly Bawl in the New York Post.

The Yankees Victory Plane ornament is now available for your holiday decorating enjoyment. It depicts Santa clause in a plane that bears the New York Yankees logo. This, less than a month after Yankee's pitcher Cory Lidle was killed in a plane crash.

Presumably they're going after the market of people who buy horrifyingly inappropriate products. This may be just the first in a series. Next month: bobbleheads for Parkinson's Disease awareness.

5 comments to “Yankees Plane Ornaments on Sale Now”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Next year’s version of this product will have little blinking lights on it like a real airplane, thus enabling the club to commemorate both of their players who have been killed in a plane crash – pitcher Lidle and catcher Thurman Munson. This is because once the lights are added, they’ll also need a battery.

    (Ducking and covering my head and keister)

  2. matchu522 says:


    That’s….um….well, actually it’s pretty funny. Oh well. I guess we’re going to hell together.

  3. ohiobobcat says:

    Pretty cute toy, if you can seperate the Lidle tragedy. Still, I think I’d hold off a year or two before putting this product on the shelves.

  4. cooper says:

    it is one item each year…this year that is the NFL design. It has nothing to do with NY if you are a Reds fan you get the same thing painted to your team colors….but you knew that didn’t you. You only posted this to get people pissed off. It’s dont from the Franklin Mint and the paper you sign to order it says you will get it for any team. it was made long before he died.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi, Cooper, and welcome to Red Hot Mama. It’s not often we get comments on the 2-year-old posts. If you liked this one, you’re sure to love the few hundred more recent posts.