October 26, 2006

More of the Same, on the Radio as in Life

I don't know which I'm more sick of talking about: my disappointment in the Reds' choice of radio broadcasters or my disappointment that Rich Aurilia is almost certainly headed someplace else for 2007.

But I've got to talk about one of them, because that's all that's going on. I'll flip a coin to see which one I go with.

In a shocking twist, the Reds have hired an old reliever to fill out their broadcast booth. Marc Lancaster of the Cincinnati Post reports that Jeff Brantley is next in line to take a place next to Marty:

All indications are the Reds are poised to hire ESPN analyst Jeff Brantley as the final member of an expanded set of broadcasters, though an announcement won't come until after the World Series. The former major league pitcher will join Thom Brennaman, a longtime presence on national television, in rounding out a five-member radio and TV crew that also will feature holdovers Marty Brennaman, George Grande and Chris Welsh.

Sure, you might complain that this is just another middle-aged white guy, but there's something about Brantley that you wouldn't expect from yet another aging reliever brought into the Reds' organization…

He's right-handed.

2 comments to “More of the Same, on the Radio as in Life”

  1. Chris at Redleg Nation says:

    Did I just hear George narrating a commercial during the world series?

  2. Joel says:

    No, I think that was the Georginator 6000 XL.