October 26, 2006

Reds, Brewers Could Trade Hitting Coaches

A few days ago the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the Reds had interviewed former Milwaukee hitting coach Butch Wynegar to fill the vacancy left by former Cincinnati hitting coach Chris Chambliss.

Today they report that the Brewers are interviewing Chambliss to fill the vacancy left by Wynegar:

Milwaukee Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said manager Ned Yost had interviewed Chris Chambliss for the club's vacant hitting coach position. Chambliss, dismissed by the Cincinnati Reds after the 2006 season, was the first candidate interviewed from outside of the organization.

I can hardly wait to see who we'll trade pitching coaches with. That probably depends on which team currently has a pitching coach from Minnesota.

1 comment to “Reds, Brewers Could Trade Hitting Coaches”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    First of all, despite the rumbling out of Milwaukee, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Chambliss, a former Lou Piniella teammate with the Yankees, ended up as Sweet Lou’s hitting coach in Chicago.

    Secondly…pitching coach from Minnesota? That might point to Dick Such, the guy that current Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson replaced in Minnesota. This past season he was the pitching coach for the Long island Ducks in the atlantic League, but he was the Twins’ pitching coach from 1985-2001, and was Tom Kelly’s right-hand man. With 17 years and two World Series as a major league pitching coach under his belt, he might merit some consideration. Besides, RHM would have a field day making fun of that name.

    And finally – speaking of right-hand men – congratulations, RHM – your post finally pushed that picture of Spiezio off the front page. 🙂