August 14, 2012

Remembering an epic Jason LaRue failure

The Hardball Times is today celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one particular inning of infamy for Jason LaRue. This was before the days when “Jason LaRue” was synonymous with “career ended by Johnny Cueto’s boot to the head.” (Though, frankly, his career was already over, and I suspect all that hype was a machination of Tony LaRussa.)

But that’s neither here nor there. No, this post is about LaRussa committing the heinous act of three passed balls in a single inning when catching knuckleballer Jared Fernandez:

Two pitches after the walk, a knuckler got away from LaRue for a passed ball. Williams went to second. On the very next pitch, it happened again. Williams scooted to third and LaRue now had three passed balls on the day – and it was still just the first inning.

Two pitches later the ball made it to the backstop again, allowing Williams to score. At least this time it wasn’t a passed ball. This time it was a wild pitch, so LaRue was still at three passed balls on the inning. But in a single five-pitch plate appearance, three balls went to the backstop allowing a runner on first to score. Yeesh.

You’ll want to read the whole post on The Hardball Times. It’s a nice narrative. Plus it contains lots of other Reds-related anniversaries and day-versaries to satisfy your inner history geek.

3 comments to “Remembering an epic Jason LaRue failure”

  1. Matt says:

    acctually LaRue was a vary valuble defensive player in his time in STL, maybe you should get your facts straight, he caught 50% of base stealer in 2010. And his career acctually was ended by that brawl which was solely the fault of that POS Brandon Phillips. You are just a typical dumba$$ Reds fan. Have fun with your 1st round exit at the hands of the Giants.

    P.S. Brennanman is a douche

  2. Amanda says:

    LaRue’s 0.1 WAR *was* at least positive in 2010.

    But I don’t want to dump on LaRue. I like LaRue. He’s hot and brings down-home country charm to everything he does. I want to dump on Tony LaRussa, whom I think of as a kind of Sauron of the baseball world. Admittedly though, he doesn’t have quite enough rings for that.

  3. smoothitron says:

    “I am so angry my team’s player was injured in a BRAWL.”

    If you don’t want to get hurt, perhaps avoid the mass of pro athletes trying to hurt each other.