October 30, 2006

So, What Are You Going As For Halloween?

Me, I'm going to be a graduated cylinder. It's one of those crafty, inside-jokey type costumes. About six people on my project team at work are going to think it's hilarious. You're probably going to think it's lame, but you can't deny how useful it will be for me to be able to go around telling people the volume of things. It's useful; admit it!

I thought about dressing up as Dick Pole, but I decided against it.

That reminds me, over at Strike 3 Forums, they're talking about a rumor that A-Rod was seen having lunch with a higher up in the Reds' organization. I'm not sure how seeing Mr. Rodriguez clad in the wishbone C would really meet any of the Reds' needs, but it would certainly provide lots of great opportunities for horrible puns, such as:

Spare A-Rod, Spoil a Series

A-Rod Catches Lightening

and of course

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Give a man A-Rod and he'll put up some lovely curtains

Yeah, I know, they're terrible. But it could have been worse. I could have continued with the whole Dick-Pole thing.

3 comments to “So, What Are You Going As For Halloween?”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Several years ago, somewhere in the southern tier of New York State, some jackass thought it would be a hilarious Halloween prank to get a section of log about ten inches thick and two or two and a half feet long, take it up onto a bridge, and drop it onto the roadway below (which happened to be the I-90, the NY State Thruway, this state’s equivalent to the Ohio Turnpike).

    The section of log went right through the windshield of a car. It also went right through the driver, who was killed instantly.

    Shortly after that, our State Police (who patrol the Thruway) enlisted the help of local ham radio operators such as myself to stand watch on the bridges that pass over the Thruway every Halloween. The statewide program is known as Pumpkin Patrol, and has been a rousing success, there having been no further incidents along the 450+-mile Thruway since we hams started sitting on bridges in our radio-equipped cars, providing a deterrent to any would-be jackasses, and making a quick radio call to get the police to the scene should any problems develop.

    So, instead of dressing up and going to a halloween party, I’ll be sitting on a bridge making sure nobody gets killed there. I hope the rest of you enjoy whatever festivities you have planned. I also hope you’ll do it safely!

    John (HMZ)
    Happy Halloween

  2. redsrbetter says:

    Thanks for the plug RHM!

    Anyhow, I literally was A-Rod for Halloween. I simply didn’t show up. hahahaha.

    It would be insane to have this guy even as a possibility. But with Castelinni’s quotes from last night, and his statement of having 25 million dollars to spend does make this all interesting.

    BTW, I have been loving your podcast show. Its a great new part of the internet and I haven’t thanked you yet for your contributions. Keep up the awesome work RHM!

    I love you!

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    FYI HMZ, I helped people by dressing up as a graduated cylinder, too. I went around and allowed myself to be used to measure the volume of fluids.

    I’m not sure that really sounds so great, now that I type it out.

    RRB – I saw mention of the $25 million on S3F; I’ll have to link to that momentarily. And I’m so glad you enjoy the podcast; hopefully you still will after tonight’s edition. I woke the Crack Technical Staff up to record it, and I think our collective grogginess will come through.