October 6, 2006

A Long Way to Go for a Jab at Chicago

According to the story After 113 losses, racehorce retires published yesterday on asahi.com, Haru Urara has retired. Haru Urara is a racehorce that began racing in 1998, racked up 113 straight losses, and left the track this August. She was officially retired on Sunday when her owner cancelled her registration as a racehorse.

As Haru Urara approached 100 straight losses, she gained nation-wide popularity and a movie was made to tell her story. In 2004 she sold out the Kochi racetrack with people desperate to see her first victory. Of course, they were disappointed.

“She leaves the track without ever winning, but this time I want her to win by living her life devoted to a new task that can help people,” her owner Mihoki Anzai said.

And I know just how she can do it, too. Ladies and gentlemen, I think the Cubs have a new mascot.

2 comments to “A Long Way to Go for a Jab at Chicago”

  1. ohiobobcat says:

    rumor is her sire is Hara Narron, dam is Boone Uraha. Somewhere out there is a Boone Narron.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ah, you mean the new mascot of the Evil Twins, the Boone Narron. She looks just like Hara Uraha, only with a goatee.