October 8, 2006

Aurilia in Red Not a Sure Thing

Per the story Aurilia open for a Giants return from today's San Fransisco Chronicle, Rich Aurilia says he isn't sure whether he'll exercise his half of the $2 million option for 2007 with the Reds. He says he had a lot of fun in San Fransisco and wouldn't mind going back there.

“The Giants are definitely on my list,” Aurilia said. “It's something definitely on my mind. I hope there would be interest. I'm curious to see who they will bring on to manage the team.”

The article goes on to mention how coincidental it is that Aurilia learned to play first, second, and third base in Cincinnati, and those positions just so happen to be question marks for the Giants next season. And despite an earlier comment about making the team younger, managing general partner Peter Magowan isn't prepared to go all youth-movement on us:

“When we say we're going to get younger and healthier, that's' on an overall basis,” Magowan said. “That will not prevent us from signing a player or two that fit the exact profile we have essentially been signing the last four, five years, who are elderly, good players at the tail end of their careers, but we think can have a place on our team. It's one thing to have one or two of those guys. It's another to have seven or eight of them.”

I know this isn't anything worth panicking about, but ACK! I'm panicking! I'd totally miss Richie. What other player's wife could I get to call in to the podcast??

2 comments to “Aurilia in Red Not a Sure Thing”

  1. kazenoklonoa says:

    “[i]Elderly[/i], good players”? LOL. He’d be only like the 6th oldest starter on the team.

    Not terribly surprised about this. He always seemed like a career Giant and really seemed attached to that team. I bet he’s wearing orange and black jammies as we ‘speak.’

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Good call. I, too, got a chuckle from “elderly.” If he’s really looking for elderly, good players, Nuxhall might be available.

    Like you said, he seems to have a Giant heart, and I can see why they’d be interested in what he can offer. But then again, I thought for sure someone would pick up Aurilia after last season. We might still see Richie backing up the infield in 2007.