October 29, 2006

Checking in with the Card Blogs

It occurs to me that I used to converse with a bunch of Cardinals bloggers a lot more than I do now. Nowadays, I seem to run with a bunch of Cubs bloggers, and I've sort of lost touch with the old gang. So, let's take a moment to run down our list of Card blogs to see what's up. One would think they have a thing to two to talk about these days.

Bellyscratcher doesn't think that even such momentous occasions as a wedding or childbirth could be as wonderful as a World Series win. Certainly they are more common, so maybe she's right.

CardNilly makes a train noise about the whole thing. I'm not really sure what a train has to do with it, but I'm all for him doing whatever makes him happy.

Redbirdbrain promises photos and a video of the climactic moment in the coming days. I'm sure they're great, but not as good as the photos from Blogger Day.

viva el birdos has a lot to be thankful for. And since it's not lboros who wrote the most recent entry, you're treated to actual capitalization. Excellent for the readability.

Deadspin isn't technically a Card blog, I realize, but Will is a vocal fan and they do provide this excellent photo of Eckstein drinking Cuervo. And, like all of the blog seemed to, Deadspin promises more content on Monday. Methinks most Card fans are busy with other stuff this weekend.

2 comments to “Checking in with the Card Blogs”

  1. Last year, during the World Series, you asked if people stand the whole time during a WS game. The answer is no – until about the 4th inning. Then everyone stands and yells and jumps and cries.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    With my luck, I’d have the one grumpy 60-year old woman in the row behind me, constantly tapping my shoulder and telling me to sit down.