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January 8, 2011

Renteria a Plus, if Used Properly

Last night, my hubby read aloud from the John Fay blog the interview with Dusty Baker about the signing of Edgar Renteria. He hit the first Baker quote, and a little part of me started to die:

“It gives us a clutch man, a winner,” he said.

Oy, not this crap again, I thought. The Reds sign a guys who’s older than me, declare him a veteran, and relegate Paul Janish to the bench.

But then he got to the second quote, which included such sentiments as:

They’re both going to play. Janish is younger. Edgar is more experienced. Janish deserves a chance to be my shortstop.

Wait! It gets better! Fay goes on to see that Baker is planning to play Renteria at positions other than shortstop. Over the course of six Fay-style-miniature paragraphs, I went from vomiting in my own mouth to totally excited, thinking back to Rich Aurilia backing up the corner positions and how much it rocked to have the agility of an SS able to slip into the other infield positions as needed.

I imagine you’ll continue to hear more about this move from RHM and the rest of the blogsphere (at least until they work out the Votto contract) because there’s really exciting potential here. Especially now that there appears to be hope of the guy being employed in a genuinely useful way.