Daily Archives: January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

It’s Time Again for More Reds Music

Gosh, it seems like so long since we’ve gotten to experience the multi-media extravaganza that is the Ryan Parker Reds tribute song. Tonight I share with you Ryan’s musical homage to the Reds broacast booth: Marty and Thom, the Cowboy and the Lefty. You won’t want to miss the Jim Day shout-out near the end.

Kinda makes me miss George.

January 31, 2011

Register Now for Your Chance to Buy Opening Day Tickets

The Cincinnati Reds have launched their web page to allow fans the chance to purchase tickets to opening day.

The Reds open the season a bit earlier this year, starting the season on March 31 when they host the Milwaukee Brewers at 2:10pm EDT. And all you have to do to have a chance to be there is fill out the form and hope. Or buy a season ticket. Whichever.

I know I’ll be trying for my chance. I’ve never been to Opening Day before, but it sounds like a fun day, as long as it’s not too cold.

January 31, 2011

Jason Isringhausen Trying Out for Reds. Again.

About half a year since they last signed him, the Cincinnati Reds are letting Jason Isringhausen try out for the team again.

Mark Sheldon had a quote from general manager Walt Jocketty on the tryout.

“He’s contacted me and said he was healthy again and wanted to throw for us,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said on Sunday during a Reds Caravan stop. “He’ll throw for [pitching coach] Bryan Price on Monday in Goodyear and we’ll see how he throws and how healthy he is.”

I have to think that Izzy is getting the chance simply because of Jocketty’s experience with him with the St. Louis Cardinals. There’s not really any other reason to explain this. I mean, the Reds are faced with a very crowded pitching staff, and I doubt that a 38-year-old guy who hasn’t had success in the majors since 2007 is going to be able to break through.