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January 23, 2011

Joey Votto in a Tux

This past weekend, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America held their annual gala to honor the best baseball players of the previous season. Joey Votto and Reds fan BubbaFan were there.

I’d never heard of this awards celebration, but then, that might be because the Reds have been out of the realm of “good” for so long, let alone this strange, uncharted territory of “great” that they seem to be flirting with. Votto was introduced to the black-tie optional crowd by Barry Larkin. Votto then stepped up to the podium.

“I’d especially like to thank [writer] Joe Strauss from St. Louis, who didn’t vote for me,” Votto quipped. “Guess who he voted for? As if Albert [Pujols] didn’t have enough MVP Awards already.”

Ah, Joey. How awesome you are.

BubbaFan was able to capture a few photos of Votto in his tuxedo. As someone who recently purchased his first tuxedo, Votto’s is nice-looking. I love that he’s wearing a bow-tie. It’s a touch big, though, and makes him look a bit like a boy at a wedding. Check out the rest of the photos over at RedReporter.