October 19, 2006

I Like It Because It Would Make Bronson Jealous

So Fire Brand of the American League wrote up a lengthy discussion of the benefits of Boston acquiring Adam Dunn, including making room for the right-handed bat of Kevin Millar.

And, since the author is committing a total blog foul in leeching my bandwidth by placing a photo from RHM on his own site, I think I'll do a similarly heinous thing and repost his article in its entirety. Though it's not really that heinous, since I'm at least including a link to the site. SOME of us have manners.

Like I said, the article is lengthy, so I'm putting it below the fold.

UPDATE 10/26 -- The author of the article, Evan S. Brunell, was nice enough to write and let me know that weasin' my bandwidth isn't actually illegal while my reposting his article is. So if you want to read it again, you'll have to follow the link.

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