January 6, 2011

Jocketty Dipping into the Cardinal Well Again

John Fay reported this afternoon that the Cincinnati Reds are close to signing Edgar Renteria.

A Reds source told me today that the deal was close and they expect to wrap it up. The Reds have had an offer to Renteria for some time. They were waiting to hear back Monday.

According to ESPN, the deal is worth $3 million with incentives.

Seriously, what does Paul Janish have to do to prove he’s a major league player? I feel the most for him, because there’s no way Dusty Baker has a $3 million backup at short. Especially since Renteria had a couple excellent years for the St. Louis Cardinals almost a decade ago.

Maybe this will turn out to be an excellent move like the Scott Rolen trade, but right now, I fail to see how Renteria makes the team better than Janish does.

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