January 9, 2011

1977 Pretend Reds Eliminated

The pretend 1977 Cincinnati Reds team that I made a starting line-up for (based heavily on stats and my hubby’s advice, since I wasn’t even born during the 1977 baseball season) has been officially eliminated from the pretend 1977 season.

There is clearly nothing else to talk about.You might bring up that my husband wasn’t exactly cognizant during the 1977 baseball season either, what with being busy learning to roll over and drooling on himself and all, making him no more capable than I of putting together a top-notch line-up using the pieces that were around in the age of disco. But he did at least have baseball-fan surroundings at home, whereas I had mostly hippie surroundings. Mmmm…carob.

But that wasn’t the problem that caused the downfall of our beloved previous generation of Reds.

You might also bring up that the fact that the Pirates clinched the division is fairly well nonsensical when discussing the Reds’ playoff berth, since the Reds and Pirates weren’t even in the same division in 1977. But that’s only part of the problem.

Since the games were all simulated with a dice-throwing system, the problem, as I see it, must be the damn dirty sexist dice, hellbent on keeping down the Woman-Owned pretend baseball team. It’s evidenced in the fact that I’m referred to as “Amy” in the post about the elimination. You can’t have faith in a system who can only remember the owner as “the chick whose name begins with A.”

That, or possibly the pitching. You can never have too much pitching.

2 comments to “1977 Pretend Reds Eliminated”

  1. Jeff P. says:

    Amanda’s being a bit defensive here. I was overjoyed to have a woman owner and wish I could have found seven more. “Amy” was just the name of the fictional character rooting for the team in my accompanying, season-long tale. So far, the “owners” of Friendly Fred, Peachy Calhoun, Buzz Gip and Sherman Wayman have yet to complain. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Defensiveness wins championships, albeit not in this case.